ToC of "Writing Prehistory" (forthcoming)

Special issue of RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics 69–70 Spring/Autumn 2018, co-edited with Maria Stavrinaki.

  • Maria Stavrinaki and Stefanos Geroulanos – Editorial

  • Nasser Zakariya - Scenes before Grey Antiquity

  • Maria Stavrinaki - “We Escape Ourselves”: The Invention and Interiorization of the Age of the Earth in the Nineteenth Century

  • Christophe Bouton - Dealing with Deep Time: The Issue of Ancestrality from Kant to Hegel

  • Catherine Perret - Garder la main: For a Paleontology of Gesture

  • Sophia Roosth - Turning to Stone: Fossil Hunting and Coeval Estrangement in Montana

  • François Bon - The Division and Discord of Prehistoric Chronologies

  • Jeremy K. Lin - Interpreting the “Documents of Language”: Linguistic Reconstruction as an Approach to Prehistoric Culture

  • Juan José Lahuerta - Signs of Prehistory in the Artistic Economy of L’Esprit Nouveau

  • Michael Kunichika - The Cave Paintings of Kapova: Toward a Socialist Map of Prehistory

  • Stefanos Geroulanos - Polyschematic Prehistory and its Salience for Political Myth: Internationalism and Racism between the Abbé Breuil and Jan Smuts

  • Jacob Krell - Genealogies of Technology and Prehistory in France: The “Atomic Age”

  • Larisa Dryansky - Paleocybernetics: Technology and the Prehistoric Imaginary in American Art of the 1960s and 1970s

  • Niels Henriksen - Prehistoric Techniques for Modern Painting: Asger Jorn’s Archaeological Picture Books

  • Rémi Labrusse - The End of the Neolithic?

  • Pamela M. Lee - Digital

Forthcoming in a few months—until which time, here are two gorgeous older covers of this amazing journal. It's really been a privilege to edit a special issue.